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Personal injury suffered by an operator of a Ryobi table saw

A man from another state recently filed a lawsuit of products liability after suffering personal injury while using a table saw that is probably also used by many DIY enthusiasts in Florida. He alleged the Ryobi BT210 to be dangerous and defective. The man sustained serious personal injury to his fingers when the blade failed to stop on contact, a feature that is available but not utilized in the particular table saw.

The man accused the manufacturers of failing to implement safety features used worldwide and thereby jeopardizing the safety of anybody using the particular table saw. The issues were alleged to be unsafe related to the blade guard that had to be removed for specific cuts, but due to the difficulty in replacing the guard, people often do not replace it. Furthermore, another safety feature that prevents kickbacks is attached to the mentioned blade guard; however, when the operator removes the blade guard for reasons explained above, that safety feature is also removed.

Murphy bed allegedly causes personal injury resulting in death

Hundreds of Florida people may be the victims of dangerous or defective products every year. When a manufacturer offers products to retailers who will market and sell it, the manufacturer should ensure that the design and assembly of such products are reasonably safe and hold no threat of personal injury or death to the consumers. In the event of injury or death resulting from the use of a product that was bought from a store, the manufacturer and its supply chain may be held responsible.

A 33-year-old man died while installing a bed purchased from Murphy Bed Express in another state. His family filed a lawsuit against the supplier. It was alleged that no assembly or installation instructions were supplied. In addition, the family claimed that some parts were missing, and the purchase did not include a warning about the potential danger of the product. The supplier claimed that the company would usually be responsible for the installation of these beds.

Wal-Mart recall 174,000 dolls that pose a risk of personal injury

There are probably not many little girls in Florida who would not love a doll that comes with a play medical kit to doctor the baby doll when it gets feverish and sick. In their quest to produce dolls that are more and more human-like, manufacturers sometimes jeopardize the safety of their clients and make products that pose personal injury threats. Parents whose children own one of these dolls may want to take note of a recent product recall.

Dolls sold under the labels "My Sweet Love / My Sweet Baby Cuddle Care Baby Doll" were imported by Wal-Mart, who are the sole distributors of the products. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has recently ordered Wal-Mart to recall 174,000 of these dolls because of a burn risk. A circuit board that can potentially overheat and cause burns is fitted in the doll's chest.

Tyson Foods chicken nuggets may pose personal injury threat

When a company distributes merchandise to the consumer market, it assumes accountability to ensure the safety of the product. If Florida consumers suffer injuries after consuming dangerous food products, the manufacturer and the supply chain may face claims for liability. Apart from having to recall the products, personal injury claims may follow.

Following reports of personal injury suffered by consumers who ingested chicken nuggets produced by Tyson Foods Inc., the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced a product recall. Consumers reported that bits of plastic were found in chicken nuggets originating from Tyson Foods. Upon inspection, the Department of Agriculture traced the problem to a scraper situated inside a blender that is used in the production. A spokesman of Tyson Foods reported that all the production lines at the facility have since been inspected, and remedial measures were implemented at all production facilities.

Tampering caused personal injury threat in Alli weight loss aid

When it is reported that over 50 million consumers use a particular weight loss product, and that it had been tested by over 30,000 patients, Florida residents may naturally be surprised to read reports of it being recalled. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, the manufacturers of Alli, a weight loss aid sold over the counter, reported a recall that was voluntary. The company decided to take action after receiving calls from consumers in seven states that reported the contents of the containers they bought were not Alli. The manufacturers recognized the threat of personal injury and initiated the recall.

The company reported that the welfare of their customers is of utmost importance, and that an investigation into the tampering of the products is underway. An alert was also posted on the company's website, with images showing what the authentic product looks like. In the manufacturing process, the containers are fitted with a foil seal to avoid tampering. Customers were reminded that Alli capsules are turquoise blue and have a dark blue hand containing the text "60 Orlistat."

Vera Bradley recalls toys that pose personal injury threat

Most parents are understandably concerned about the welfare and safety of their infants. Parents in Florida may want to heed the warning issued by federal safety officials relating to Vera Bradley bunny toys and bear ring rattles. If toys have the potential to cause personal injury, parents want to know about it, in order to protect their babies.

When a company manufactures products aimed at infants and children, there are strict rules and regulations to ensure the safety of the items. The law requires that all products meet the average expectations of consumers, without the possibility of jeopardizing the safety of children. Federal safety officers have issued a recall of almost 100,000 bunny toys and bear ring rattles that were manufactured and marketed by Vera Bradley.

IKEA bed canopies pose personal injury threat to Florida children

Like parents all over the United States, Florida parents are bound to be very protective and concerned over the wellbeing of their children. Parents often decorate their baby's rooms beautifully, without realizing the danger some of the decorative items could pose. Such a product was recently recalled by IKEA after The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) found that it could apparently lead to personal injury or death of children.

IKEA produced the canopies that hang, suspended from the ceiling, over the cribs or beds of children. It was reported that the parents of a 7-month-old baby in the U.S. found their little girl entwined in the canopy's mesh fabric after she managed to pull it into the crib and got it entangled around her neck. According to CPSC, nine reports of children getting entwined in the mesh fabric of the canopies have been reported worldwide.

Personal injury threat of listeriosis traced to Roos Foods Inc.

Thousands of injuries are caused by dangerous or defective food products every year. Florida consumers may want to learn about a whole range of cheese products that have been recalled. The cheese products pose a health risk and could cause serious personal injury or even death to people who consume it.

After an inspection of the premises of Roos Foods Inc., the FDA found enough health violations to order the company's closure until such time as any products present on the premises no longer pose a health risk to humans. During the FDA's investigation, a badly leaking roof was reportedly found to allow water raining into the room where cheese was processed and onto the equipment and tanks where cheese was stored. Processing and storage rooms were found to have deteriorated to a stage where effective cleaning was no longer possible, and food residues were found on storage vats and equipment.

Cochlear implants caused personal injury to many recipients

Florida residents are probably aware of the numerous reports of recalled defective products that have flooded the news lately. While most of the recalls involved tainted food, automotive defects and dangerous toys that caused personal injury, recent news report covered a defective medical device that was continuously supplied even after a recall in 2004. The device is a cochlear implant that is a surgically implanted device to help overcome inner ear problems and offers patients the hope of regaining their sense of hearing.

The device is implanted in the cochlea, which is a shell-shaped part of the inner ear, from where electric signals are sent to the brain to enable a person to hear. It has been reported that the manufacturer, Advanced Bionics, knew about the defect as far back as 2003. The company's vice president reportedly stated that the cochlear implant was not immediately recalled as it took them a couple of years to identify the problem. However, even after the recall in 2004, through 2005 and 2006 more devices were surgically implanted into the skulls of patients with hearing loss.

Florida family suffered personal injury from LSD tainted beef

Most pregnant women are very concerned about what they eat and drink. When buying fresh produce from a well-known store like Walmart, one would want to be confident that the quality is safe and won't cause personal injury. A pregnant Florida woman and her family were recently treated at a hospital after eating tainted meat that was bought at Walmart.

According to reports, the partner of the pregnant woman complained about being short of breath and feeling dizzy. The woman and their two daughters were also examined, and it was established that they had ingested a strong hallucinogenic substance known as LSD. Upon investigation, it was found that the LSD was actually in the meat that the family purchased from a Walmart store located in Tampa.

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