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Manufacturer's error causes personal injury threat in new BMW i8

In the midst of multiple vehicle recalls that were initiated during this year, BMW has recently announced the recall of some of its brand new 2014 vehicles. Florida residents who are the owners of a BMW i8 may have reason to be concerned. The manufacturer recently informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of a manufacturing error that may cause severe personal injury.

BMW of North America, LLC, announced the recall of 223 of its i8 vehicles that came off the production line between May 16 and Sept. 16 of this 2014. The manufacturer's fault, which may cause severe personal injury or even death, was reported to be the inadequate welding of a bolt on the fuel tank. The bolt secures a ground cable that runs between the chassis and the vehicle's fuel tank. However, the particular bolts were inadequately welded on the fuel tanks of only the 223 vehicles that are affected, and may not affect all.

Dangerous laptop power cords recall after personal injury threat

Dangerous consumer products are usually recalled after a government entity such as the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission receives consumer complaints and launches an investigation. However, some manufacturers may be proactive and take the responsibility to announce a voluntary recall before personal injury or death is reported. Florida consumers may want to take note of such a recall that was recently announced by Lenovo after consumer reports alerted management to the dangers posed by power cords that were supplied by the consumer market in 2011.

The company justified the recall by the fact that the power cords tend to overheat and may cause burn injuries. Reports of burning, melting and sparking have been recorded. Lenovo recalled 500,000 black LS-15 AC power cords that came with certain IdeaPad and Lenovo laptop computers. The recall only affects laptops purchased between Feb. 2011 and June 2012, and they were available online from Lenovo, as well as from authorized dealers, and electronics and computer stores.

Defective heating devices may cause severe personal injury

Every winter brings the threat of malfunctioning heating devices that people use in their homes. Florida residents may want to learn about the dangers posed by such devices, and the ways it can threaten the safety of their families. Most non-electrical heating devices produce poisonous gasses, such as carbon monoxide, which can cause severe personal injury and even death.

The human senses cannot detect carbon monoxide (CO), as it has no odor or color. Victims who have suffered CO poisoning were typically unaware of the presence of carbon monoxide. Exposure to low levels of carbon dioxide produces symptoms similar to flu and is often misdiagnosed by victims and physicians. However, extended periods of low exposure could lead to death.

Experienced legal counsel vital for spinal cord injury claims

When accidents occur as the result of an auto defect, the consequences are often tragic. Those who do not lose their lives may have suffered catastrophic injuries such as a spinal cord injury. An injured victim's life can be forever affected, as spinal cord injuries often lead to paraplegia or even quadriplegia. The support of family and friends is vital after such an accident, but, to ensure the protection of the victim's legal rights, the services of an experienced Florida catastrophic injury attorney may be a valuable part of the support structure.

Not only will such a patient be facing high, ongoing medical expenses, there will also be rehabilitation and therapy bills to pay. Paraplegics and quadriplegics will need modifications to their homes and, in some cases, to a vehicle to make it accessible. Other significant expenses may include motorized wheelchairs and other assistance technology.

Empty capsules may lead to life-threatening personal injury

When Florida residents are prescribed medication for ailments, they naturally expect to receive a product that is of the highest standard. However, it is not uncommon for manufacturer errors to occur. This is unacceptable if the error could lead to severe a personal injury or the death of a patient.

Individuals suffering from epilepsy or shingles pain may want to check their medication. Aurobindo Pharma USA recently announced the recall of a certain lot of gabapentin capsules after it was found that there were no drugs inside some of the capsules that were recently manufactured. It was reported that patients, who would be unaware of the fact that the capsules they were taking were empty, could suffer negative side effects. The side effects could include symptoms of short-term withdrawal or efficacy reduction. In more serious cases, severe consequences might include life-threatening long-period seizures.

Florida woman escapes severe personal injury when airbags explode

Vehicle owners may want to stay updated about vehicle recalls. A Florida woman recently described her dilemma that resulted from being unaware of her car being recalled in 2011. She explained that all the airbags in her 2008 Chrysler Town and Country minivan deployed while it was parked in the driveway with no occupants. Fortunately, the explosion of the airbags did not happen while anyone was driving as severe personal injury or even a fatality could have been the result.

She says that she has had no other problems with the minivan since the day she bought the brand new vehicle and was unaware of the defect that led to the recall. The explosion of the airbags caused massive damage, and her insurance company apparently referred her to the manufacturer as there was no accident. When she called Chrysler, she was reportedly told that there had been multiple recalls, and it was eventually established that several notifications were sent to her after the 2011 recall. The woman asserts that she never received any mail about the recall, and apparently, none of the letters were sent by certified mail.

Graco recalls 4.7 million strollers after personal injury reports

The safety of their children is likely extremely important to most Florida parents. Manufacturers of children's products have a responsibility to ensure that the design and operation of their products will not pose personal injury hazards. While the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is constantly on the lookout for dangerous or defective products, it is not uncommon for companies to only take action when reports about injuries are received.

Graco, in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, recently announced recall action that involves 4.7 million strollers. The strollers were produced between Aug. 2000 and Sept. 2014 and are available at stores nationwide, including Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R Us. It was also marketed online through Amazon. The recall follows reports of injuries that resulted in finger amputations or partial amputations.

Cheap propellant in air bags may be the cause of personal injury

Florida residents may be interested in the findings of investigators regarding the matter of defective air bags. The vehicles of several manufacturers that were fitted with air bags manufactured by Takata have been recalled and total in excess of 14 million. The defective air bags are the subject of an investigation by the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee. Five deaths and numerous cases of personal injury are believed to have been caused by the defective air bags.

Investigations revealed that the Takata engineer who originally designed the air bag, which is filled by means of canisters of propellant inflating the bag, announced the design to media as a new technological edge in 1999. However, without announcing an intention to replace the propellant, and despite warnings against it, the company replaced the propellant with a cheaper product by 2001. A team of engineers at a U.S.-based Takata propellant factory stated that their objections against using ammonium nitrate as replacements were ignored.

McDonald's recalls Happy Meal toys due to personal injury hazard

While many Florida parents are careful when considering which toys to buy for their children, the toys distributed with children's meals at fast food franchises are seldom inspected for potential dangers. However, considering that these gifts are giveaways, they are not likely to be of the highest quality. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently warned parents about the personal injury hazard posed by toys that were enclosed in Happy Meals from McDonald's.

Hello Kitty figurines were placed in Happy Meals during recent weeks. The figurine can be opened to reveal a lollipop in the shape of a heart, along with a removable whistle. Two incidents of children coughing up bits of the whistles have been reported, with one child requiring medical attention. It is believed that the children sucked small parts out of the whistles when attempting to make noise.

Toxic content of organic almonds may cause personal injury

Florida consumers may be interested to learn that organic raw almonds could pose a health risk. Almonds are part of the same family as apricot and peach pits and contain hydrogen cyanide. A range of almonds products was recently recalled by Whole Foods after the almonds were found to contain excessive levels of hydrogen cyanide that may cause severe personal injury or even death.

Hydrogen cyanide occurs naturally in almonds and, by crushing or chewing an almond, the hydrogen cyanide is transformed into prussic acid that could be toxic. Eating raw organic almonds could cause almost immediate symptoms, such as weakness, accelerated heart rate and breathing, along with headache, nausea and dizziness. When excessive levels of hydrogen cyanide are ingested, the health effects may be more serious and could include reduced heart rate and low blood pressure, as well as convulsions and unconsciousness, which could lead to respiratory failure, potentially resulting in death.

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