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Allergan eye ointments found to pose personal injury risk

When Florida consumers buy medication over the counter or on prescription, they naturally want to feel confident that it would not harm them in any way. Consumers typically trust authorities to withdraw dangerous products that may cause personal injury from the shelves of retailers. Some manufacturers are proactive and initiate recall actions as soon as a product defect is identified, thereby limiting incidents of injury or worse.

One such a voluntary recall was recently announced by Allergan, a manufacturer that produces various eye-care products. The company became aware of the problem after receiving user complaints about eye ointments that were contaminated. Complaints included customers reporting foreign particles in their eyes, blurred vision, pain and swelling caused by superficial eye injuries.

Personal injury: Law suit claims keyless ignition hazards

Following millions of recalled vehicles for a variety of defects, a class action suit was recently filed in another state against the manufacturers of automobiles with keyless ignition systems. Consumers nationwide, possibly including in Florida, claim the system to be unsafe, posing personal injury hazards or worse. The manufacturers named as defendants in this suit are Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan and Honda.

Keyless technology allows a driver to start a vehicle by simply pushing the ignition button rather than using a traditional key. According to the complaint, the plaintiffs claim that the lack of an automatic shut-off system to disable an idling engine allows dangerous carbon monoxide to accumulate in closed areas. It can even spread into adjacent areas such as from a garage into an adjoining home. This can occur without anybody realizing the danger as carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless.

Facebook post about kids' car seats may prevent personal injury

Social media has become an important part of the lives of people nationwide, including those in Florida. A recent Facebook post may prevent personal injury to thousands of children. Britax, a company that sells car seats for children across the United States, issued a recall that was directly brought about by that social media entry.

The company reported acting upon a Facebook post by a consumer who reported that the adjuster buttons on the harness of one of its car seats got stuck, causing the shoulder straps to become loose. The company found that, after readjusting the harness, the buttons sometimes remained open after being depressed. An investigation revealed that federal regulators had received similar complaints. This initiated the proactive recall of more than 200,000 kids' car seats.

Grizzly table saws recalled after report of personal injury

Florida consumers who own table saws may want to take note of a recent recall. Grizzly International announced that it issued recall instructions for almost 1,250 table saws that pose severe personal injury risks. The products were described as 10-inch hybrid table saws bearing the manufacturing dates of June 2014 through Nov. 2014.

The company reported that the motor pulley can detach from the machine. When this happens, it can hit the saw blade and cause the teeth to shatter into dangerous metal fragments. These flying pieces of metal can cause serious injuries to any person in its vicinity. Grizzly International reportedly received complaints of two incidents in which the pulleys detached. One of the consumers claimed to have suffered lacerations and a broken nose when he was struck in the face by the sharp metal fragments.

Miami company recalls tattoo ink that poses personal injury risk

Florida residents may want to take note of a recent recall before they get tattooed. It is not only unsterilized needles that pose a threat, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has found that some of the tattoo ink produced by a company in Miami may be contaminated. The ink poses a serious personal injury hazard, especially for those with conditions such as diabetes and circulatory or heart disease. Any person with a weak immune system will also be at significant risk.

After the Florida Health Department had become aware of a mycobacterial outbreak in recipients of new tattoos, the help of the FDA was called in. It was discovered that three shades of tattoo ink -- G1, G2 and G3 -- were contaminated with Microbacterium organisms, Mycobacterium chelonae, Cryptococcus molds and Penicillium genus members. The use of the affected inks may cause infections, and in addition to permanent scarring, it can spread throughout the person's body and develop into sepsis that can be life-threatening.

Recalled angiographic catheters pose personal injury threat

Florida residents who suffer any medical condition should not be exposed to defective medical devices. When a medical device malfunctions and causes personal injury, additional medical expenses are typically the result. Cook Medical recently announced the recall of about 40,000 Beacon Tip Angiographic Catheters.

In preparation for a cardiac angiogram, the tip of an angiographic catheter is inserted into a blood vessel of a patient through an incision in the skin. A bright colored dye is then injected into the bloodstream to ease identification and assessment of the heart's blood vessels. The recall of three different types of angiographic catheters was initialized after the manufacturers received 26 reports of the tips of the devices detaching. When this happens, the tip could land in the bloodstream of the patient, causing a life-threatening situation and requiring further medical procedures to remove it.

Light-up children's watches recalled for personal injury threat

Manufacturers of children's products have a tremendous responsibility to supply the market with products that will not pose safety hazards. In some cases, the appearance and packaging of products are designed to be attractive to children without special consideration paid to the safety of the products. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported a recent recall of children's watches that have caused personal injury to several children.

The watches were distributed nationwide, including in Florida, by MZB -- an accessories company in another state. Almost 2 million watches are being recalled, of which 1.9 million were shipped to companies in the United States. It was reported that the watches' back covers can detach, and this can cause chemical burns and skin irritations.

Packaging film in Kraft cheese slices pose personal injury threat

Florida consumers, as others nationwide, are exposed to a multitude of unsafe and dangerous food products. Many food recalls are initiated before any consumers have suffered personal injury, but in many cases, such action is only taken upon receiving reports from consumers who have been adversely affected by food products. Some defective product recalls are voluntary actions by the manufacturers, but sometimes, authorities have to take action.

The Kraft Heinz Co. recently announced a voluntary recall of approximately 36,000 cases of its single cheese slices. The cheese is packed with thin packaging film discs between the slices for easy separation. The company reported that it had received 10 complaints from consumers stating that the thin film sometimes stick to the slices and go unnoticed. Three of the complaints apparently involved consumers who had choked on the packaging film.

Unapproved dietary supplements, drugs can cause personal injury

Consumers nationwide, including those in Florida, may not realize how vulnerable they are to health risks posed by unsafe products. Unapproved products are sometimes sold on the Internet, in some cases despite court orders for marketing and sales of certain products to be stopped. A seller of dietary supplements and drugs is facing criminal charges in another state after he failed to withdraw all his products from the marker as ordered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This failure continues to expose consumers to personal injury hazards.

According to the pursuit of criminal contempt that was recently announced by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), the company owner sold dietary supplements and drugs that were adulterated and misbranded. The product labels apparently contained unsupported claims of providing cures for conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, ADD/ADHD and intestinal parasites, among other illnesses. According to court documents, the company agreed in 2010 to stop all commerce activities related to a wide range of products.

Personal injury: Listeria source in caramel apples revealed

After the deaths of five people and the hospitalization of dozens of infected consumers -- some of whom may have been from Florida -- the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention started an investigation in November of last year. It was determined that people who suffered personal injury had all consumed caramel apples that originated from different sources. The CDC recognized the emergency of identifying the cause of the Listeria infection caused by the caramel apples.

It was recently revealed that the source may have been identified. The caramel apples were sold under several different brand names, but although the caramel coatings were applied by various entities, all the apples came from one source, hence the assumption that the apples contained the Listeria bacteria. However, it was determined that people who consumed the apples without caramel coating suffered no ill effects. This led to a thorough investigation into the manufacturing methods used to coat the apples with caramel.

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