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Personal injury threat: IV solutions containing insects recalled

Patients receiving medical care in Florida are extremely vulnerable, as most people trust medical personnel to provide medical care that would not jeopardize their health -- or even their lives. However, according to multiple recent recall reports, it is not uncommon for intravenous solutions to contain particulate matter that can cause personal injury, and in some cases it can even be life-threatening. In a recent recall, Baxter International announced that some of its IV solutions may contain insects.

Fortunately, in all the reported cases, the insects were spotted in the solutions before it was administered to patients. Two different versions of 0.9 percent Sodium Chloride Injections – in 50 ml and 100 ml doses – were distributed to distributors and customers from October 2014 through July 2015. The affected lots were reportedly distributed nationwide.

IKEA warns of personal injury hazard posed by 127 million chests

Millions of homes nationwide, including in Florida, have IKEA furniture that may pose life-threatening hazards in children's rooms. It is reported that the company has been aware of the dangers of its dressers and chests tipping over since 1989 when three deaths were reportedly linked to this hazard. A safety alert was recently issued to warn parents of the dangers of IKEA's furniture for children that can cause severe or fatal personal injury.

The warning covers both Malm and IKEA chests and dressers due to the tip-over hazard. A little boy, age 2, lost his life last year when he was pinned by a Malm chest that had tipped over. In another incident, a tipped-over chest fatally injured a 23-month-old child. Furthermore, fourteen additional incidents of tip-overs have been reported to the company -- four of which involved injuries.

Lawsuit follows personal injury caused by lawn tractor

Manufacturers have a responsibility to consumers nationwide, including in Florida, to provide the market with products that are free of safety hazards. Any potential personal injury hazards must be rectified, and clear warnings must be attached. The manufacturer, marketer and retailer of a lawn tractor is facing a lawsuit that was filed by a father and his son in another state, claiming a defect caused serious injuries to his son, who is a minor.

Court documents indicate the son was operating a Craftsman Lawn Tractor YT3000 when his foot got caught in the moving parts, leading to foot injuries caused by the mowing blade. The manner in which the boy's foot got into contact with moving parts of the machine is not mentioned, but the plaintiff contends that protective guards should have been in place to prevent such an accident. He further claims that the lawn tractor must be equipped with a device that will deactivate operation of the machine in such circumstances.

Personal injury: The life-threatening dangers of caffeine

Caffeine is found in drinks that most Florida residents consume on a daily basis. In addition to coffee and cola, tea and other canned beverages also contain caffeine. The levels of caffeine in energy drinks and even caffeine tablets are raising concerns after many cases of personal injury caused by caffeine poisoning have been reported. A family in another state filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a company that supplied their son with powdered caffeine that allegedly caused his death.

A poison center says it has received almost fifty calls related to people affected by overexposure to caffeine. Many required medical attention, and the center reported that children were often the victims. It is said that the effect of caffeine is more severe in children. A study by the American Heart Association revealed that energy drinks are the cause of many reports of illnesses, and 40 percent of victims are children under the age six. A child who reportedly got into a mini fridge and consumed several energy drinks and colas was severely affected because of the child's small body size.

Black Widow slingshots recalled due to personal injury threat

Outdoor sports and hunting enthusiasts may be interested in a recent recall that was announced by Barnett Outdoors LLC -- a company based in Florida. The company recalled 88,000 Black Widow slingshots due to a personal injury threat. According to the recall notice, one consumer reportedly suffered bruises, while another individual suffered facial fractures.

The Black Widow slingshots are about a half foot high and are fitted with tubular rubber bands that are translucent. The pouch that holds the missile is made of gray suede. The rubber bands are attached to a metal fork that has a wrist brace, and there is a strap to secure the brace around the wrist.

Personal injury threat of asbestos found in wax crayons

The World Health Organization estimates that in excess of 100,000 deaths are caused by asbestos every year. Knowing this, Florida parents may be alarmed to learn that their children's crayons may contain asbestos. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently commissioned an independent facility to analyze some children's products to determine the presence of this fibrous mineral, which can cause severe personal injury.

The results of the analysis revealed that asbestos was present in wax crayons and toy fingerprint kits. These toys are sold at the stores of five distributors, one of which is Toys "R" Us. Asbestos fibers are inhaled and cause damage to the lungs that may lead to inflammation and scarring. The National Cancer Institute regards asbestos as a carcinogen. Although the levels of asbestos that were present in these two children's products were relatively low, the U.S. Department of Labor maintains that zero is the only safe level for asbestos.

Government sues coffee machine maker after personal injury claims

Manufacturers are expected by law to inform the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as soon as potential hazards are discovered or reported. Failure to do that can lead to lawsuits. The makers of Black & Decker SpaceMaker coffee pots, along with a former subsidiary, were recently informed that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and CPSC are filing a joint complaint against it. The company is accused of failing to report a known safety hazard that had reportedly caused personal injury to consumers nationwide, possibly including consumers in Florida.

DOJ and CPSC maintain that the defendants had been aware of the defect for many years but chose not to jeopardize profits by reporting the matter. It is reported that the handles of the coffee pots can unexpectedly detach and cause severe burn injuries to consumers. The plaintiffs allege that approximately 1,600 consumers had filed reports about the defective handles with the manufacturer from as far back as 2009.

Potential personal injury by Collision Mitigation Braking Systems

Automobile manufacturers are coming up with new ways to improve the safety of motorists nationwide, including Florida, at an astonishing rate. Honda's Acura models, for instance, are fitted with Collision Mitigation Braking Systems that scan conditions of areas in front of the cars by using radar. Honda says the vehicle's brakes will automatically be applied if the system senses an object that may be struck. The vehicle's speed will be reduced to limit damages and personal injury.

Unfortunately, these systems that are installed in vehicles to save lives sometimes malfunction and end up causing injuries or even deaths. Toward the end of 2013, such a malfunction occurred when the auto braking system of an Acura SUV activated without reason. This unexpected braking caused another vehicle to rear-end the SUV. The second incident occurred in June of 2014 before the investigation into the first incident had been completed.

Personal injury: 2 manufacturers recall defective golf carts

Golf enthusiasts in Florida who rely on golf carts to make their way around the course may want to take note of the dangers to which they may be exposed. Two brands of golf carts were recently recalled for posing safety hazards that could cause serious personal injury, or even death. In both cases, consumers are asked to return the affected golf carts to the authorized dealers for repairs.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that E-Z-GO recalled about 8,200 golf carts, shuttle vehicles and utility vehicles. These vehicles are gas-powered, and it has been determined that the gas tanks could leak. The leaking gas can cause fires that may lead to severe burn injuries. The affected vehicles were obtainable nationwide from Cushman dealers and E-Z-GO between January and May of this year.

Personal injury: Drowning hazard detected on Otteroo devices

Parents nationwide, including in Florida, likely realize the danger posed by water when small children are around. Various floating devices are offered for sale, and knowing which one would protect a child from personal injury or drowning is almost impossible. For this reason, it is important not to rely on the device to keep a child safe in the water, and constant supervision is vital. It is not uncommon for manufacturing defects to be discovered only when consumers lodge complaints.

Otteroo -- a provider of imported inflatable swimming devices for small children -- has received reports of 54 of its Inflatable Baby Float products developing broken seams. This, of course, allowed air to escape, rendering the device ineffective at keeping a child afloat. Fortunately, no injuries or drowning have been linked to the defective floating devices.

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