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Labeling error of Baxter products causes personal injury threat

Florida residents have reason to be concerned about the number of recalls announced by Baxter International, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Defective drugs could be administered to an unsuspecting patient who already has a medical condition, causing additional health concerns. Many defective drugs are only recalled once reports about personal injury are received.

The company has had several recalls this year, and the most recent one was in August when sodium chloride posed a danger due to particulate contamination. This time, however, a voluntary recall follows a packing error where the labels on the cartons in which the drugs were shipped were marked as potassium chloride injections while it contained gentamicin sulfate injections. The error was reported by three recipients of the mislabeled drugs.

Glass and stones in jalape??o bagels pose personal injury risk

When consumers buy fresh produce in a store, they will naturally expect the products to be safe for consumption. Consumers rarely ever stop to consider that products such as bread and other freshly baked products may pose a potential personal injury hazard. By the time one becomes aware of a recall of dangerous fresh products, it may be too late, as such products are usually consumed while they are fresh.

Consumers in Florida may be interested in a recall that was recently announced. Publix recalled the jalapeño bagels they offer for sale in the bakeries in their stores, after finding that there may be small stones and glass pieces present in the products. The manufacturing company of the bagels apparently advised Publix of the possible presence of foreign matter. The recall was voluntary, and Publix stated that, as proof of their commitment to provide only safe products, all the jalapeño bagels have been removed from display.

Taking note of product recalls may avoid personal injury

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has found that "recall fatigue" has developed in the consumer market. The high number of reported recalls is reportedly the reason for this condition, and the commission urges consumers to take note of recalls, as it may prevent them or their families from suffering personal injury caused by a dangerous or defective product. Florida consumers who want to safeguard their families but tend to disregard reports about recalls may be interested in some recall-related facts.

  • Consumers often share their adverse experiences on blogs and social networks, and this could encourage an investigation that may lead to a recall. Other recalls commonly result from injury reports filed by consumers with the manufacturers or the CPSC.
  • While most companies commit to product safety and cooperate with the CPSC in the event of a recall, there are those who insist that their product is safe if it is used in the prescribed way. The reality is that, even if a product is marketed for adults, children who have access to it may be injured -- as in the case of the powerful small magnets of Buckyballs that can cause death if swallowed by children.
  • Regardless of how many years a product may have been on the market, potential personal injury hazards may only be identified later. The potential dangers posed by a number of children's products such as cribs, car seats and strollers have been identified in recent years, and new parents should take care when purchasing used products for their babies.
  • In addition to keeping up-to-date about product recalls by checking the CPSC website, the commission offers a service for registered users of their website to receive email alerts about recalls.

However, some product defects or the dangers they may pose become evident only after being in circulation for some time. In cases where Florida residents or family members have suffered personal injury by using a product that was purchased in a store, they may be facing high medical costs as a result. They may benefit from consulting with an experienced professional to evaluate the circumstances and determine whether it would be a viable product liability claim in a civil court.

Personal injury threat by 4 drugs available in Florida pharmacies

Florida residents may be aware of the dangers posed by defective drugs. Consumers usually purchase medication at pharmacies without questioning the quality of the drugs. Most people rely on the Food and Drug Administration to identify defective or dangerous drugs. However, personal injury may result from the use of drugs that are available to the consumer before defects are identified.

Consumers may be interested to learn that Pharmacy Creations has recently announced the voluntary recall of four drug products after test results showed that there may be a contamination problem causing the products not to be sterile. The recall includes tropi/cyclo/phenyl/tobra/flurb, glutathione, ascorbic acid and magnesium chloride. Although the contamination is not yet confirmed, the company issued a warning stating that consumers who ingest any of the four drugs might develop infections that could be life-threatening.

Did an auto defect cause your catastrophic injuries?

With the high volumes of traffic on Florida roads, the number of automobile accidents that occur is not surprising. In most cases, it is possible to identify the cause of the accident, which often involves distracted drivers, drunk drivers or those who fail to keep a safe following distance while traveling at high rates of speed. However, there are also some accidents that occur due to auto defects and may result in catastrophic injuries.

Such injuries may include spinal cord injury or brain injury -- leaving the victim in a state of helplessness. In addition to being weak and vulnerable while having to deal with a catastrophic injury, it may be nearly impossible to personally take steps to investigate a suspected auto defect, and to file a civil claim to recover damages. This could turn out to be a complicated case, and taking on a major car manufacturer may require some help. That is where we come in -- allowing you to recover while we take care of the legalities.

Available drugs may be identified personal injury hazards

Residents of Florida who suffer ailments and consult with their physicians typically have faith in the professional’s ability to prescribe medication that would improve their condition. However, instances occur where medication has an adverse effect on a patient’s well-being. Consumers rely on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to identify drugs that could cause personal injury or worse.

It is not uncommon for a drug to be identified as a potential health risk when it is already available in the marketplace. The FDA, in cooperation with the manufacturer, may issue a recall upon discovering a dangerous or defective drug. Upon a recall, patients may be advised to return prescribed drugs to their doctors or pharmacists. Although each incident is unique, there are certain common reasons that may give cause to a recall.

2 Deaths lead to bean bag recall due to personal injury threat

Florida consumers who want to protect the safety of their families have to be cautious in their selection of consumer products. It is not only food that can present personal injury hazards, but also items of furniture and other products. It is important to check for potential dangers and not only consider the aesthetic value of an item. When manufacturers fail to maintain proper safety standards, lives may be lost before products are recalled.

After the deaths of two children, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recently announced the recall of bean bag chairs that were manufactured by Ace Bayou Corporation. More than 2 million of these chairs were distributed through various retail stores and online websites before 2013. The defective chairs were produced in different sizes and a variety of colors.

Who is liable for personal injury caused by a defective product?

Many Florida consumers are the victims of defective and dangerous products every year. Manufacturers and sellers have the responsibility of supplying only products that meet the consumer’s expectations. When products fail to meet those expectations, personal injury may occur that may lead to product liability claims.

Consumers may want to understand that damages could only be recovered if the defective product was purchased from a business entity during the course of his or her regular business. It is safe to say that a defective product that was purchased at a garage sale could not give rise to a product liability claim. As long as the product was purchased in the recognized marketplace, liability could be claimed.

Product liability claim after personal injury by shattered window

While numerous car manufacturers have been featured in news reports about auto defects during the past months, Florida residents may be interested in a lawsuit pending in another state against a car dealership and the Chrysler Group. The suit was filed by a man who claims that the dealership sold him a minivan that had a defective window. The plaintiff also claims that the manufacturer bears responsibility for supplying the dealer with the defective vehicle that caused severe personal injury.

The lawsuit asserts that the plaintiff purchased the minivan from the car dealer in 2006. The man claims that, in July 2012, he opened the tailgate of the minivan to place groceries in the car. He alleges he put his hand up to hold the tailgate in position and prevent it from hitting him on his head, but the tailgate’s window shattered and slashed his thumb and his right hand. He claims that the tendons in his hand were damaged and required extensive surgery.

Recalled scented candles may ignite and cause personal injury

Florida consumers may be interested in the recently announced recall of a product that has been identified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as dangerous. In addition to a potential personal injury hazard, it also presents a property damage risk. The CPSC recalled approximately 126,000 scented candles that are presented in 4-ounce metal containers.

The distributor of the candles is CoScentrix, and the products are branded DD. The recall follows three incident reports that were received by CoScentrix. Two of those involved personal injury, while another resulted in property damage. The containers holding the wax are lined with a polymer coating, and it was found that, when lit, the candle flame burns high enough to cause the wax surface and the lining of polymer to ignite.

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